Nature at work: biophilic
design for creative spaces.

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We’re passionate about utilising the beauty of nature to create collaborative spaces that complement your brand. We’ve been looking after plants for over 25 years, and we know just how to bring any space to life with both interior and exterior plants.

If you’re welcoming back staff to the office this year, give us a ring; planting and greenery is a great way to make your workplace feel welcoming, healthy, and homely.

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Based in London, we pride ourselves in creating planting designs and sourcing the perfect plants for your location to ensure optimal workplace wellbeing. Regardless of whether you’re moving, fitting out, refurbishing or simply want to green up your space, we’re here to help.


Bring your office to life with our selection of indoor plants.

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Make the most of your outdoor space with a blooming urban garden.

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A colourful touch of nature, either with flowering plants or fresh flowers.

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Regular quality care to ensure your plants remain healthy and happy.

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‘We have worked with Plant Profile for over a decade and have found their products, service, and price, to be excellent. From outdoor to indoor plants, including trees, small/large plants, and Christmas decorations, they provide a great service.’

KFC, Head Office

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the concept of
plants & people.

As humans, we instinctively seek a connection with nature. As a result, we tend to feel instant psychological benefits when we bring greenery inside. For example, plants are proven to relieve stress, increase creativity and improve wellbeing in general.

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