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As a family-run business with over 25 years experience, we specialise in creating the ideal work environment through the addition of great office plants.

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We specialise in biophilic design and, with over two decades of experience, know just how to create ideal work environments through the addition of beautiful plants.

Our in-depth knowledge of plants and their characteristics means we know just how to enhance your unique space and work towards your vision.

We take great pleasure in offering both quality plants and comprehensive care to ensure your new green friends stay healthy and happy day in and day out.

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about plants.

For businesses, there are a number of benefits to adding plants to a space, including:

An increase in productivity.
Improved mood.
A welcoming environment for visitors.
Improved air quality.
Fewer toxins and allergens.
Improved staff health, resulting in less sick leave.
A reduction in stress levels.
An increase in creativity.
Increased levels of happiness and wellbeing.

‘People working indoors with houseplants in their line of vision do tasks a staggering 12% faster and are able to concentrate better than people who don’t have plants in the room.’

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